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Cosmetic Injectable Fillers

Cosmetic Injectable Fillers

Injectable Fillers are substances that are used by your physician to replace lost volume in certain areas of your face. When used appropriately they can result in substantial and fairly long-lasting improvement. They are not replacements or alternatives to Neurotoxins in that they treat a different set of problems: deeper creases and folds that are not due to muscle activity.

Some fillers are better for fine lines; some are better for deeper creases and increasing facial volume. Either one may require more than one treatment session for maximum positive results.

FDA approved fillers are a constantly changing landscape, but some of the common cosmetic fillers in use today are:

Hyaluronic Acids (Juvederm™, Belotero™ and others). These products are composed of a gel-like substance that is found in our bodies in between the cells. This substance is lost as we age so one can consider this as replacement therapy in a way. These cosmetic fillers are soft to the touch and are used in the lips and other areas where a softer product is needed. They do not typically last as long as some of the other fillers.

Hydroxyapatite microspheres (Radiesse™). This product is another naturally occurring compound in our body and is more of a paste-like consistency. It is used in areas where thicker, firmer filler is needed, such as the deep folds along the sides of the mouth. Most studies have found it to last somewhat longer than the hyaluronic acid products.

Cosmetic Injectable Fillers Treatments in Kelowna, British Columbia

We have been offering cosmetic treatments in Kelowna for over 25 years. All of our fillers are doctor/surgeon injected by Dr Bakala. If you are looking for filler treatments in Kelowna, contact us to book a consultation and discuss your options with Dr Bakala today.