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Submental Lip Lift vs. Fillers: How to Choose

Attractive pink lips, enhanced by a lip filler treatment

It is easier than ever to achieve the lip form you’ve dreamed of. Read on as C D Bakala MD Inc explores popular ways to enhance your lip shape.

What are Lip Lift and Lip Filler Procedures? Understanding Your Options

Lip lifts and lip fillers are two popular procedures designed to enhance your facial features and acquire a more youthful smile. Emphasis is placed on perfecting the shape and volume of the lips, and in some cases redefining the skin around the lips for a more enhanced and fuller appearance.

Lip Lifts

The lip lift procedure, involves the removal of a small section of skin between the upper lip and the bottom of the nose. This enhances the symmetry of your face and allows the upper lip contour to rise. This makes your lips appear fuller, more defined, and natural-looking. One of the advantages of a lip lift is that the results are permanent, so you don’t need regular treatments to maintain your appearance.

Lip Fillers

In contrast to lip lifts, lip fillers work by adding volume directly to your lips, giving them a fuller appearance. If you’ve always wanted plumper lips and a fuller pout, this is the procedure for you. Lip fillers are temporary, however. They can last 6-12 months, which makes them a good way for you to try out lip enhancements before opting for a more permanent option.

Both procedures offer immediate results, but you should note that lip lifts require a longer recovery time to allow the incisions to heal. Alternatively, with lip fillers you can usually resume your daily activities within 2-3 days once the swelling subsides. Both procedures require professional expertise to ensure proper results and safety.

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