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Lip Filler Trends: Russian Lips & Cherry Lips

The number of people who receive lip filler treatment has increased by more than 60% since 2000. People get lip filler treatment to improve facial symmetry and plump up their lips. If you’re considering getting lip filler, you’ve probably seen the many styles and techniques available. Recent lip filler trends include two techniques: Russian lips and Cherry lips. What’s the difference between the two techniques? Which technique is better? We’ve answered all this in this blog.

Russian Lips 

Russian lips get their name from the perfectly painted lips of Russian nesting dolls. They are full and natural-looking, giving you the pout of a baby doll. 

The Russian filler technique involves focusing on injecting filler in the center of the lips and defining the lip border. This highlights the cupid’s bow without altering the corners of the mouth, resulting in an exaggerated heart-shaped pout. The technique adds height to the lips more than it does plumpness, so the change is barely noticeable when viewed from the side. 

Another unique aspect of this technique is that, unlike the standard technique of injecting filler horizontally into the lips, the Russian technique injects filler vertically.

Cherry Lips 

Cherry lips get their name from the shape of the volume added to the lip. The filler creates two “cherries” on the top lip and two on the bottom lip. They are plump, youthful, and often called “rosebud lips”.

The Cherry filler technique targets the volume of the center of the lips to create a fuller appearance. They add a round definition to the cupid’s bow and echo that shape in the lower lip. Unlike the Russian technique, this method creates volume you can see from the front and side of your face. 

Which Lip Filler Technique Is Better for Me? 

There is no filler technique that will work for everyone’s facial structure. Your natural lip shape plays a huge role in determining the best filler technique for you. Our experienced team will work with you to decide the best injectable filler technique to achieve your ideal result. 

The Russian technique works best for patients that are happy with the volume of their lips but would like a more defined shape. Since vertical injections add height more than anything else, this technique may not work for patients with flat lips. 

The Cherry technique works best for patients who like the outline of their lips, but want more natural-looking volume.

Gorgeous and Natural-Looking Lip Filler in Kelowna

Lip filler will give you confidence in your smile! Here at Faces of Kelowna, our cosmetic surgeon, Dr. C.D. Bakala, M.D. FRCSC, has the training and the experience to get you the results you’re are looking for. 

Contact us to book a consultation and start discussing your treatment options today.

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