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What Exactly Is a Vampire Facial?

Skincare is Canada’s #1 category in the beauty industry. Canadians care a lot about the health and appearance of their skin. Can you relate?

If so, have you considered getting a vampire facial? The name may sound scary, but the procedure isn’t. A vampire facial may be the best thing you do for your skin this year! Read on to learn about it. 

What Is a Vampire Facial?

A vampire facial is really just a “cooler” name for platelet-rich plasma (PRP) micro-needling. It stimulates collagen production, which should make your skin look smoother, feel softer, and stay “younger” over time.
A vampire facial is like a better version of a standard micro-needling. Instead of just using the needles to stimulate the skin, the technician will use your own blood (extracted during the same visit, likely from your arm) to create platelet-rich plasma, and then apply it to your face.
It might sound scary, but it’s not. It’s a quick and common procedure with huge benefits.

Vampire Facial Benefits

So what benefits are there to getting a vampire facial?

As we mentioned, vampire facials stimulate collagen production. Collagen is a protein that the body produces. When it comes to your face, it helps you maintain skin elasticity so you can look younger and heal faster.

A vampire facial can remove minor skin discolouration and reduce the appearance of scars. It can also brighten your skin tone and make it look and feel tighter.

No extra chemicals are required since you’re using your own platelet-rich plasma to get these great results. 

What to Expect During Your Vampire Facial 

Before the procedure, the skin care professional will take blood from your arm and put it into a centrifuge to separate plasma and platelets from red blood cells. Then, he/she applies a topical numbing ointment to your face.

The skin care professional uses a device with tiny needles to poke your face. After that, he/she rubs your PRP onto your skin. You should expect to leave the PRP there for the rest of the day.

Are Vampire Facials Safe? 

As long as you go to a qualified professional, your vampire facial is safe. It’s done with clean tools in a safe office environment. The needles do not go deep enough into your skin to cause harm. 

But what about during the recovery period?

You should avoid putting any creams or ointments on your skin for the first few days. After that, apply a gentle healing ointment. You may feel like you have sunburn or a rash, but it shouldn’t be painful. 

Avoid direct sunlight for the first few days of healing, and always wear sunscreen in the future.
Avoid swimming while you’re in the healing process.

Is a Vampire Facial Right for You?

The name might sound spooky, but the procedure isn’t! A Vampire facial can leave your skin soft, smooth, and glowy with the power of your own platelet-rich plasma.

Book a consultation with us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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